5 Ways Your Business Can Build Customer Loyalty

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What can you do to keep your customers coming back every time? Follow these methods to build customer loyalty and keep your consumers happy.

About four in five Americans consider themselves to be loyal to certain brands or retailers.

We’ve all heard about how much more cost-effective it is to keep a current customer than acquire a new one. But this is becoming harder to do in a world where nearly 50% of consumers are willing to ditch a brand after one poor customer service experience.

Looking for practical ways to develop and maintain strong relationships with your customers? Read on to learn what steps you can take to boost customer loyalty and take advantage of its benefits.

1. Implement a Rewards Program

In order to retain customers, you have to give them a reason to keep coming back to your store. A points-based loyalty program can help you accomplish this.

Keep in mind that eight out of 10 consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family members. If you incentivize referrals, you can bring in new loyalists as well.

Don’t forget to reward customers for participating in surveys too. This shows them that not only do you value their opinions, but you also want to compensate them for their time.

2. Start a VIP Member Club

As sales data analysis reveals, a small percentage of customers invest the most money in your store. Let your devoted customers know you appreciate them by treating them like VIPs.

Start with free shipping, which is one of Amazon Prime’s biggest draws. It’s a proven and effective marketing tool that works well to improve customer loyalty.

Also, consider giving VIP members access to exclusive sales and events.

3. Send Personalized Emails

Promotional emails during the holidays are pretty much standard at this point. The same goes for automated thank-you emails. While they’re still useful, these types of emails won’t make a lasting impression.

Take it a step further and send your customers a personalized email with a discount code on their birthday.

If a customer adds an item to their cart but doesn’t check out, send them a reminder. Include suggestions for similar products in the same email.

4. Integrate a Chatbot with Your Site

Believe it or not, 80% of businesses expect to make use of chatbots by 2020. By including a chatbot on your website, you can deliver a warm and informative customer service experience throughout the day.

Plus, some shoppers may have questions during the checkout process. Chatbots can clear up any concerns on the spot. This will help reduce your cart abandonment rate and increase your revenue.

5. Engage Your Customers on Social Media

If you don’t use social media often, you should rethink your approach. Over 70% of buyers expect brands to respond to a Twitter complaint within the same hour they post it.

When you engage customers regularly, they’ll have a more positive view of your brand. But if you fail to address their complaints quickly, you might lose them forever.

Final Thoughts on Building Customer Loyalty

The five tips outlined above will help you capitalize on a few of the biggest customer loyalty trends.

When launching a rewards program, make sure your customers are aware of its benefits. Design an easy-to-read page that explains the rewards in detail and inspires them to take part in it.

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