7 Important Online Shopping Trends that are changing the face of e-commerce in 2018

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18% of the global retail sales in 2018 is expected to be generated from e-commerce sites.

The e-commerce shopping experience should begin with an appealing, easy to navigate, and well-designed website. Today’s best cloud-based e-commerce platforms provide the ability to easily customize your site for superior shopping functionality.

Best shopping cart design practices and a clear delineation of steps in the order process can put an end to shopping cart abandonment and conversion rate drop.

Give your customer everything they need to make an informed, confident buying decision by incorporating these seven online shopping trends.

Multiple Add to Cart

This feature allows customers to select multiple products then add them to the cart with one click. As an added benefit, the shopper can select the quantity wanted from the category page, and shop bulk products with a single go.

This extension makes the check-out process more convenient for customers.

Item Comparison

Making a decision is difficult especially when there are multiple options. Item comparison tool allows customers to read about features and specifications while viewing the items side by side.

This extension can speed the decision-making process and help the customer get the product they want.

Quick Order

The quick order form is ideal for repeat customers who know what they want. The customer simply enters the SKU# and the quantity needed, and with the click of the submit button, the items are in the cart.

This feature is a faster and easier way for the customer to complete their order.

Auto-Complete Search

An auto-complete feature acts as a guiding hand while customers are constructing their search queries. When the auto-complete suggestion works well, it helps the user articulate better questions, which match up better with your inventory.

This helps the customer find products closely matching what they’re looking for.

List Price/MSRP/You Save

Prices and specials are one of the most important things about selling your products. Everyone loves a deal, and this feature will streamline your ability to create rate tables and set up specials.

You can easily show price comparisons and price reductions for large quality orders. At checkout, you can show your customer how much they have saved.

This feature can act as encouragement for the customer to complete the order white the item is still on sale.

Store/Dealer Locator with Google Maps

Sometimes the buyer needs the product fast. Having a store locator feature is a savior for that customer.

With the ability to find the closest store and then get directions right on your website your customers will be thankful.

Write a Detailed Description Catered to Your Market

Once you’ve gone through these steps, it’s time to write out your description. A good description shouldn’t be too long – we don’t want to overwhelm our buyers with information.

On the other hand, a short description can be a missed opportunity to share important information about the product. Most good product descriptions are around 300 words.

Write out a description around this length, keeping in mind your buyer persona and the important features of the product.

Implement the Latest Online Shopping Trends

Your e-commerce website is the window to your company. You need to have a site that enhances customer interaction and conversions with a minimum of fuss and clutter.

The internet shopper of today is a fast-moving, knowledge-hungry entity, always looking for the best deal and the simplest buying process.

With this in mind, it is essential to have an understanding of online shopping trends in order to stand out from the rest and convey the necessary information.